Use Your Birthday on Facebook! (Click to See How)


Another Year, An Incredible Chance For Impact

Facebook allows you to invite your friends to give to a cause on your birthday. Now it's really easy to leverage your day to impact eternities with a cause close to your heart: spreading the word of God.

Select the Running Hope Facebook page as your non-profit of choice and on your birthday and all of your friends will be notified and challenged to join your efforts!

This is such a simple way to make a difference.

Want a reminder? Tell us when your birthday will be and we will email you exactly how to make it happen!

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Tell Your Friends + Spread The Word

We realize not everyone may be in a position to give. For many seasons of our life that was our story, and all we could do was encourage, pray and tell others about the ministries we love.

Every conversation you have or link you share helps us expose the message and these two incredible ministries to more people.

Thanks for considering joining our Facebook community and sharing our updates with your network!